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Critical data backup

Backup your Music, Pictures, Documents, Movies, Downloads to the cloud with a single click.

You can also backup any other file or folder as a custom item.

Every time you make a backup a copy of the old one is stored so you can easily access older versions of your important data.

Restore with a click

You can restore your data with a click of a button.

You can also choose which version of your backup to restore, sorted by dates. In addition you can browse your backup versions to confirm version or directly access the data.

Delete obsolete backups to easily free space.

You can restore the data to any computer this way you can easily keep multiple computers synced and updated.

The power of choice

You can choose from Dropbox or Box as a cloud provider.

You can also choose from different restore methods.

Either backup your local items automatically before restoring from the cloud, restore only missing items or overwrite the local content. The choice is yours.

There are many variations of getting a thing done, but only one right way to do it.